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Welcome to Fantasy Name Generator!

Ever at a loss for a name for your game character or toon? Just looking for that perfect name for your Dwarf, Orc, Necromancer or Night Elf? Look no further! Let Fantasy Character Name Generator work for you. Our system randomly picks names "out of a hat" to help inspire your new fantasy names!

I dont know about you, but when I name a new character I like to name my toon something I will like for the duration of the "life" of my online game character. I search and search until something strikes a nerve. If you use Fantasy Name Generator, you will find that special fantasy name that will motivate you to level that character to the top so you can show off your big and bad toon that has the coolest most awesome name around.

Fantasy Name Generator offers manly or tough names for the Orc, Dwarf or Warrior but also has a softer side offering mystical names or fairy names for the female Night Elves, Warlocks and Fairies.

Why use Fantasy Name Generator?

Because we have the most unique names to choose from and we update our database with new ones AT LEAST once a week!

Tell your friends and family about Fantasy Name Generator so they can name their game characters and toons too!

What is Fantasy Name Generator?

Well, we have a database of great fantasy names just waiting for someone to come and pick them out. As you click that "generate fantasy name" button above, the fantasy name generator will randomly pick a good name based on its secret equation. You can use fantasy name generator to get a name or use it as inspiration to create one of your own. Maybe the last name that fantasy name generator spits out is more suitable to you as a fantasy character name, so use that! There are all sorts of ways you can use the names that fantasy name generator spews. Some are evil names you can use for the necromancer, warlock or death knight. Other fantasy name generator names are focused on the presense of light or the elements for mages, priests, shamans and the like. Whichever type of name you are looking for, I'm sure fantasy name generator has that perfect fantasy character name just for you.